Lindsey became a licensed real estate agent in 2003. After just three years in the business she obtained her brokers license knowing that one day she’d have the opportunity to open a brokerage and fulfill her dream of really excelling in this industry. After working for the same brokerage for ten years, Lindsey decided to launch Oak Canyon Realty Group.

Lindsey credits her success in real estate to an ability to relate to people and a commitment to hard work. She holds high standards for herself and the company and will always strive to improve personally and professionally.

Lindsey’s experience expands from first time homebuyers to luxury homeowners, investment properties, vacant land, vacation homes, and more. She is very enthusiastic about real estate and believes that all businesses must provide complete satisfaction to those they work with in order to succeed.


Oak Canyon Realty Group will consistently provide the highest quality service and the most innovative real estate practices available anywhere in the Salt Lake County and surrounding areas.

Our clients needs will always come first. We will strive to provide unsurpassed value far in excess of our client’s expectations. Our constant goal is mutual respect and long term relationships. We are committed to the acceptance and respect of the diversities of people, cultures, and ideas.

Our company will be a great place to work and do business. We will create a culture that many want to be a part of, but only a select few will have the opportunity. We will always remain positive and enthusiastic. We will take care of business first, but always strive for fun and enjoyment in the process. We will run a very organized and efficient operation.

We will always adhere to the highest standards of integrity and ethical business practices and regularly contribute to our community.

We will constantly strive to develop and implement new ideas, strategies, and services that will benefit our past, present, and future clients. We will always seek to further our education in real estate and always strive for greatness in all that we do.