How to Write a Term Paper in MLA Format

                The Modern Language Association gives a specific format for writing research papers and essays. Among the general guidelines is the fact that the whole paper should be double-spaced. Also, the margins should be of one inch for all the paragraphs. The format consists of an introduction, abstract, body paragraphs and a conclusion. It is the format applied on the paragraphs that makes up the MLA different from other referencing styles.

Title Page

As academic writers from mention the title page consists of a header, student’s name, professor’s name, course code and name, and the date that the paper was written. To add the header, double click at the top of the page. Choose the option of a “different page” from the header drop down list. Click on page number and choose option three. Then, type your surname. Repeat the process on the second page to ensure that all the pages are numbered. Double click again outside the header section to add the rest of the details as indicated below. Make sure to align the details to the left except for the title of the job which is aligned at the center. Also, capitalize each word. After writing the title, press enter and align the cursor to the left. Start typing the first paragraph of your paper. To begin a new paragraph, press enter and ensure that it is aligned to the left.

Student’s Name

Professor’s Name

Course Code And Name


Title of the Essay (capitalize each word).


The body of the paper begins by an introduction or abstract whenever necessary. In addition, each paragraph of the body begins by a topic sentence describing the idea that will be discussed. This is followed by an explanation, an example and a conclusion. Confirm to make sure that all the paragraphs are aligned to the left and double-spaced. The first line of each paragraph is intended by pressing the tab button with the cursor at the beginning of the sentence.

Works Cited

After the conclusion, press enter until the cursor is on the next page and center the words “works cited”. Press enter again to list down the sources used. When writing down the paper, ensure that all the citations are inserted to avoid cases of mixing up the sources with information that is from a different source. In addition, the citations involve the author’s name, year of publication and a page number. The page number makes it easy for the reader to track the source of the information that has been used by the writer As well, list all the references used in an alphabetical order. Highlight them, right click, and choose the paragraphs option. Format the references such that they are aligned to the left, hanging, and double spaced. Do not include references that have not been used in the body of the essay.

Besides, in the case whereby direct quotes have been used, ensure that they have the opening and the closing parenthesis. Also, insert the name of the author by putting an opening bracket after the parenthesis. Add a space and write the year of publication of the source and the page number. This process should be repeated for the rest of the citations regardless of the fact that they are quotes of paraphrased words. This would make it easy for the reader to differentiate between the writer’s voice and that of other researchers whose information has been used in the paper.

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